The pros and cons of living by a golf course.

omaha beach golf club

omaha beach golf club

The pros and cons of living by a golf course.

New Zealand has hundreds of golf courses, but despite the relative abundance, there are actually very few courses that are lined by residential properties. Omaha is one of the lucky ones, and as a result we are constantly being asked if it is dangerous living besides a course. Some families have even turned properties down for rent in fear of kids being hit by golf balls. This article will help you understand the pros and cons if you are looking at renting or buying a house on a golf course.

The main thing you need to consider before deciding to live on a golf course involve where you will live on the course. Each position has its drawbacks or advantages. We will start with those:

By the tee:
– Advantage: You get to see the power shots at the beginning of the hole.
– Disadvantage: Cursing is usually worst on the tee, frequently repeated as each new group comes through.

Mid hole, right:
– Advantage: Sometimes this position gives you a good view of the entire hole.
– Disadvantage: Most golfers aren’t very good. Most right handers tend to slice the ball (it goes to the right), so unless your home is well-protected, lots of balls will be flying on to your property.

Mid hole, left:
– Advantage: Good view of the entire hole
– Disadvantage: Better golfers tend to hook; since there are fewer of them, you will experience fewer incoming missiles. Unfortunately hooks tend to be hit harder and go farther, so they could do more damage even to well-protected properties.

Near the green:

– Advantage: If you want to be right on a golf course, being near a green could be the best position. You get a pretty view and the generally shorter shots tend to be less wild and therefore dangerous. Cursing and talk is more subdued than elsewhere. If there is a big tournament at your course, you will have the cat bird seat.
– Disadvantage: If you are too close to the green your home could be hit by an errant shot. Greens are mowed very early in the morning, so be prepared for loud noises to interrupt your sleep.

Other Considerations

– Noise: In addition to loud talking (and worse!) there is a lot of machinery that tends to operate in the early morning. – Pesticides: Chemicals are a fact of life on golf courses. You won’t be able to control what gets put in the atmosphere immediately adjacent to your home – and those could include herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.
– Beauty: Obviously so many people wouldn’t live near golf courses if there were no advantages. The lifestyle can provide you with a peaceful, beautiful neighbour if you choose well.
– Distances and protections: There are recommended distances that homes and yards should be from an active golf course. Unfortunately many projects were either built a long time ago or choose to ignore them. An important due diligence element is to compare those distances to the home you are considering. Lexan windows and other barriers can also provide important protection against golf balls, which can cause death and serious injuries.
– Water holes: These are usually very beautiful. But be prepared for bugs or even bigger critters!
– Do your research: Talk with your potential neighbours and try to get a feel for what happens in your new neighbourhood. And of course, play the course a few times to understand the hazards you might face as a homeowner.

-Your golf game: A big plus is the access – you will have no excuses to not be playing and your game should be all the better for it…!

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