Exercise junkies guide to Omaha

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padddleboarding at Omaha Beach

While most people come to Omaha to relax, the region now has a range of options for super serious athletes down to the not so serious weekend warrior. Here is a quick guide for people looking for options:

With the new bridge in Matakana, you can now safely ride from Omaha, over the causeway, up Jones Road and over the cycle track into Matakana. While it is only 7kms one way there is a very steep hill that will get the lungs going for even a strong rider. If you are a bit keener, head up Matakana Valley road and up over into the Whangaripo Valley – this is a decent workout, considering the return journey. Allow for 2 hours. For the insane, try riding the Pakiri loop – Omaha – Matakana, over the Whangaripo hill to Pakiri and back over the Leigh hill, then back to Omaha – while this is only about 60km, it has some solid hill climbs, and unless you are fit, this represents a tough day on the saddle…
There is also an unmarked BMX style track in the forest besides the Takatu / Jones road cycletrack. It is a great little track and a good challenge for the junior – intermediate rider.
Omaha Beach is 4km long, and with the paths network you can carve out an interesting 15km run. A good test is the southern end quarry track – it is about 160 steps up each side, but is steep, and a few laps will get the lungs screaming. The best we’ve heard is 12 laps – good luck. There are also plenty of good runners around – and you’ll probably spot a few celebrities while you are at it. If you want a really long run, take the cycle track to Matakana and back…
The Omaha Ocean Swimming club meet each Sunday morning, and there is a good range of serious to not so serious swimmers. If you go it alone, Omaha does provide excellent swimming conditions. Given the ease of access Omaha is a great training ground for Junior – intermediate triathlon training. The water is remarkably warm…even in spring.
Omaha has hosted the National champs the last 2 years and there is a reason for that – excellent, small to medium swells with mild winds make for great boarding. There are clubs and arranged events that cater for all sorts, but Omaha would have to be one of the most accessible and easy beaches to paddle board at.
Everything else?
The beach is very large and flat when the tide is out and it is not uncommon to see NPC level rugby teams, along with the odd representative team from soccer or hockey training on the beach. The 9 all-weather tennis courts are in good shape, and then there is the golf course…if you have had a crack at the app Geocaching, you will notice heaps of good adventures around the place. Mt tamahunga (4 minute drive) is the highest hill in the Auckland region and whilst only a short walk (3km) it is very steep and very difficult…even fit runners struggle to complete a return outing under 45 minutes.
So there you have it, options a plenty to burn the fat you gained from the BBQ!

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