Winter activities in Omaha

Omaha is known as a summer town for a very good reason, however its not all doom and gloom in winter either. There is heaps to do for young and old, and here is a selection of our top choices:

  1. Mahurangi Rivery winery and cafe. This magic spot is open to the public until 30 September, and is a true locals secret. The wines are great and the outlook from the restaurant is world class. The menu is great and also good for young kids. check out for opening times.
  2. The Stables- located between Matakana and Omaha, this venue has two massive fireplaces, and great food and wine options, including the new bar “Smiths”. They also have a great lawn and play area for the kids.
  3. Bridgehouse, Matakana, Puhoi and Salty Dog pubs: the four “localish” pubs are all gems, and all boast a roaring fireplace, great pub food and a great selection of local wines. Each pub has their own website so check it out for the latest events.
  4. Chocolate Browns, based in Warkworth this cafe also doubles as a chocolate factory; it is safe to say the kids will like it…
  5. Sawmill cafe, located just past Leigh, there is awesome live music every weekend, and great beer and food on offer.
  6. Warkworth driving and shooting range, so many people drive past this place, but so few pull in – it is great for a rainy day, with a kids shooting range, automated golf driving range, mini golf, a baseball batting cage, and an indoor cricket centre with bowling machine.
  7. If you’re really brave a swim is not out of the question, with some locals partaking in a winter dip most Saturdays. Good luck!